2011-2012 Award Recipients

The Jewish New Media Innovation Fund is pleased to announce awards recipients for its pilot year. We look forward to following the progress of these new media innovators as they seek to implement their proposed ideas over the coming twelve months.

Download the complete list of Jewish New Media Fund Applicants who opted in to have their projects made public.

Idelsohn Society Digital Archive^

Idelsohn Society Digital Archive will create a series of 5 “digital box-sets” each exploring a different historical dimension of Jewish culture and music. Users will be able to stream music, read text, view videos and photos, add comments, share content via Facebook and Twitter, and add tags. This project will expand on the format and technology developed for the recently released archive entitled “Black Sabbath: The Secret Musical History of Black-Jewish Relations”.

Award Recipient: Idelsohn Society for Musical Preservation


Haggadot.com invites Jews of all backgrounds to find their place in the Passover conversation through the seder’s central text, the haggadah. Users can upload, exchange and personalize haggadot, gaining simultaneous access to classical texts and contemporary interpretations from their peers, creating more meaningful Passover seders and connective Jewish experiences.

Award Recipient: Haggadot.com


Kveller.com is the first and only Jewish parenting website aimed at parents from across the Jewish religious spectrum, with special attention paid to interfaith families and the less-affiliated. From its popular Jewish Baby Name Bank to its prolific bloggers, Kveller has content reflecting all types of Jewish families: observant, interfaith, queer, divorced and more. It also connects parents to local organizations and events, including piloting online communities with calendars of events and lists of resources, as well as local Facebook groups.

Award Recipient: My Jewish Learning

Moishe House Rocks^

Moishe House Rocks is a series of digital cartoon videos aimed at empowering young leaders to feel confident and prepared to initiate and lead Jewish rituals in their homes and for their peers. Created in partnership with G-dcast, the package will consist of two complimentary virtual components: a three-minute cartoon video to introduce and explain a ritual element; and embedded karaoke-style prayers and tunes of the blessings and ceremonies prerecorded with words on the bottom. Videos will be created for Shabbat prayers and rituals, the Havdalah ceremony and Sukkot celebrations, among others.

Award Recipients: Moishe House and G-dcast

The G-d Project^

The G-d Project is a social media platform dedicated to the Jewish experience of G-d and spirituality. In the spirit of NPR’s This American Life, this initiative compiles interviews with Jewish individuals and communities around the country about faith and anecdotes of everyday life. The G-d Project will stimulate dialogue about G-d through these micro-documentaries as well as online discussion boards, social media, and Ted Talks-style video presentations.

Award Recipient: Punk Torah

Jewniversity Mobile App^

The Jewniversity Mobile App offers a new model of Jewish community engagement that places access to Jewish life directly in the palm of your hands. Jewniversity is an application for mobile devices that will recommend particular Jewish life opportunities to college students based on their indicated interests; a calendar of Jewish activities and events on campuses; dynamic university profiles; and user-generated content.

Award Recipient: Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life


UrbanSefer is harnessing the creativity and wit of young Jews around the U.S. to crowd-source translations of traditional Jewish liturgy into modern, slang-filled but broadly accurate vernacular. UrbanSefer’s first English-language product will be the UrbanHaggadah. Once translated, the books will be fully designed—in the full style of the Williamsburg hipster mixed with Williamsburg Chassidic—and published to a traditional book form as well as a downloadable eBook.

Award Recipient: Morgan Friedman


PocketTorah empowers individuals to learn the weekly Torah and Haftorah through a powerful, pedagogically sound and free mobile app. It will allow access anywhere, at any time, on any mobile device or computer. The application will include: a trope training module; entire text of the Torah and Haftorah in Hebrew and translation; on-demand audio; tikkun view for reading with vowels; and a commentary module.

Award Recipient: Media Midrash

Jewish Journey Connector^

The Jewish Journey Connector is a transformative initiative in the Jewish community that uses data mining and predictive analytics to link the silos of Jewish life. It seeks to do for the Jewish community what Amazon has done for books: suggesting options you might like based on prior purchase history and friends’ purchases, and offering loyalty rewards points and discount coupons in order to encourage re-use. Individuals will be able to navigate their own Jewish journey by getting connected with the right opportunities, programs, and people that meet their interests and life stage at the right point in time.

Award Recipient: Measuring Success

For more information about the Jewish New Media Innovation Fund and its 2011-2012 award recipients, please contact Roben Kantor at rkantor@schusterman.org or 202-289-7000, ext. 6.